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Wit & Wisdom

Wit & Wisdom® has transformed English language arts instruction in classrooms across the nation. Developed by our expert team of teacher–writers, the curriculum features knowledge-building lessons and carefully curated selections of art and books that inspire a passion for reading and writing in students. Teach more meaningful English with Wit & Wisdom.

Students are learning for themselves, discovering, and growing. They are digging in, talking, and writing so much more. We never had so much excitement about literacy instruction. Wit & Wisdom is absolutely challenging, but it’s also exactly what our kids need.

- Sarah S., Curriculum specialist for ELA and social studies, Rogers Public Schools, AK
Books, Not Basals

Every text a Wit & Wisdom student touches is authentic and of the highest quality. Students use these texts at every turn — to learn, and eventually master, essential reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. Instead of basals or leveled readers, Wit & Wisdom students read books they love, to build knowledge of important topics – like the four seasons, the American Revolution, or space exploration - and master literacy skills. To meet the qualifications for this collection, the texts must aid social and emotional development, allowing students to see themselves and others in each essential building block lesson. 

Integrated, Not Isolated

With Wit & Wisdom, students practice reading, writing, speaking and listening, academic vocabulary, and style and conventions in concert to build holistic ELA knowledge.

Layered, Not Linear

Every module of each grade is crafted around a topic essential for building knowledge, vocabulary, and writing skills. These topics strategically reoccur, empowering students to deepen understanding of core knowledge while scaffolding to writing and speaking on increasingly complex ideas.

Questions, Not Answers

What truly sets Wit & Wisdom apart is its commitment to foster a questioning spirit. Students learn the joy of wondering and imagining, the exhilaration of independent thought, the fulfillment that comes from building rich knowledge of the world, its stories, and the human condition.


Geodes are accessible, knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers, aligned with the developmental stages of the Wilson Fundations®foundational reading program. Each book in the collection is designed to cultivate a deep reading experience, enabling students to apply decoding skills while building knowledge in history, science, and the arts.

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Meet Ajay

Ajay’s struggles with dysgraphia made him dread school and, above all, reading. That changed with Wit & Wisdom.

Wit & Wisdom In Sync

Built to be flexible in today's fluid learning environment, Wit & Wisdom in Sync™ allows you to access all the Wit & Wisdom resources you need, anytime, anywhere. Featuring digestible video lessons and downloadable and fillable PDFs, Wit & Wisdom in Sync makes toggling between home and the classroom seamless.

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Affirm®, Wit & Wisdom’s digital assessment tool, helps educators better meet the needs of their students, with instant scoring and reporting to help track student progress over time. The tool also provides students with extra practice and preparation for standardized assessments.

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Professional Development

Designed by Great Minds teacher–writers, our range of professional development resources support educators in implementing Wit & Wisdom.

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Curious about Wit & Wisdom?

Whether you’re just getting started with Wit & Wisdom or want to learn more, our free Resource Overview Session webinars are a great way to explore the curriculum. 

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Success Stories

Wit & Wisdom educators from all grade levels and regions of the country share their implementation stories and advice with other educators.

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Piloting Wit & Wisdom is a great way to see how the curriculum can create joy in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language. Sign up to pilot the curriculum below. 

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“Through Wit & Wisdom’s knowledge-focused designs, I am able to make everyday connections and focus on the wholeness of my kids, making the material more meaningful.”